A little bit about me....

Friday 28th April 2017. Cookestown 100 practice sessions @ Black's Farm.

Photograph by Graham Service











Hi, and thanks for visiting my website.

I am a Sports, Portrait and Event photographer, living in Limavady, Northern Ireland. I like to refer to myself as a Sportrait Photographer. 

Sports photography is about capturing fleeting moments. It might be a moment of action. It might be a moment of emotion. My priority is not about producing 50 images from a day, it is about producing 1 great photo a month. I am a sports fan, but I am a photography lover. 

I specialise in shooting action sports. Anything and everything, from rallying and motorbikes, to rugby, canoeing, crossfit, horse racing, and so on. The more
adrenaline filled the sport, the more I love it. 
My passion is capturing your passion.

I also shoot several children's portrait sessions every year. I prefer to shoot outdoors, using only natural light if possible. My approach is very informal, and
I will not pose the children in any way, instead offering only gentle direction. I feel that the best images are created by watching the children running about, playing games, interacting and exploring. 
Simply being children. Being themselves. 

Sunday 28 May, 2017 - Photo by Graham Service